Letters - a written adventure

Created by 5am Games

A heartwarming coming of age story about finding the right words.

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Happy Holidays everyone!
5 months ago – Tue, Dec 24, 2019 at 01:52:44 AM

Hi, friends!

Happy Holidays and a good start into the new year to all of you!

2019 will be over soon so we wanted to recap the last few months and give you an outlook on what awaits you in 2020.

We were selected to be part of an accelerator program called ZKubator which will help us financially and in our journey to establish our studio 5am Games.

We gathered more feedback from exhibitions and from all of you to combat weak points, boost features and just set ourselves up for making Letters the best it can be.

And of course, our biggest highlight in 2019 was managing to raise over CHF 24’000 with your support! We are still trying to process this whole Kickstarter adventure. Thank you all so so much for believing in Letters and helping us to bring it to life.

We are looking forward to getting some rest over the holidays and kick off 2020 with new energy, fresh ideas and all of you on our side.

Next year will be all about finishing up Letters, testing and polishing our baby so we’re ready for a release in early 2021.

As we are constantly learning and improving, we have big plans for 2020. We have always been reiterating levels to make them smarter, prettier and more fun. But next year we’ll go over the whole project to make the story more meaningful, streamline the technology behind it and implement new exciting things like character customization!
We can’t wait to show you what we have planned. 😍

Of course, we will keep you updated about the whole process here on Kickstarter. But should you want to follow the process more closely, you can hop on over to our social media accounts where we regularly post sneak peeks and other cool stuff.

And please - if you haven't already - fill out the BackerKit survey we sent you so we can get you your rewards as soon as possible. Let us know if you haven't received your email yet (and please check your junk mail folder if you can't find it).

We wish you happy holidays and hope you have a few days off to relax, eat good food and hang out with people you like.
Whatever it is that brings you peace and joy, we wish you tons and tons of it!

Best wishes for the holidays, and for health and happiness throughout the coming year!

All the best,
Aleksandra, Martina & Selina

More loot with BackerKit!
6 months ago – Thu, Dec 12, 2019 at 03:09:20 PM

Hi everyone!

We’re happy to announce that we teamed up with BackerKit so you now have the option to get Add-Ons to your original pledge!

No matter what tier you chose, you can add other rewards for a surcharge depending on the extra merchandise you want to get. 🎁

🚨 Within the next 24 hours, we will send the BackerKit survey to the email address you provided to Kickstarter. 🚨
If you do not receive any emails from us in the next 48 hours, check your spam folder and contact us via Kickstarter or "info@letters-game.com" if you also can’t find it there.
PLEASE NOTE: You have until the 1st of March to get any additional goodies before we close the BackerKit Store!
So please fill out the survey as soon as possible. Just click on the survey link in your email, answer the questions about your reward preferences, add your shipping information and purchase add-on items if you like.

After you respond to your survey, you can go back later and change your responses at any time before we close the surveys and get our final counts.

The store also works for people who came late to the Kickstarter party btw. So tell your friends about it too, even if they didn’t back the project.
You can share the BackerKit Store on facebook, twitter and email through the survey or send them the following link:

To make it accessible for more people we also included the option to pay via PayPal. 😊

The survey will be quite self-explanatory, but we still want to answer the two most frequently asked questions about BackerKit here:

Do I need to create a BackerKit account?
No, just click on the survey link and use your Kickstarter login credentials. If you used Facebook to log in to Kickstarter, the survey is sent to the email address you use for your Facebook account.

What if I made a mistake or want to change anything in the survey?
You can change your responses or your address at any time until we close the survey on the 1st of March.
If you want to review your information, you can return to your survey by clicking the link in your survey email or find it by typing the project's name into this form: https://www.backerkit.com/are_you_a_backer

I have more questions!
Check out BackerKit’s FAQ here:
If you don’t find your answer there, feel free to contact us on Kickstarter or “info@letters-game.com

Thank you for filling out the survey! And remember we’re still here for you should you have any questions or feedback for us. 💚

All the best,
Aleksandra, Martina & Selina

Survey link again and Early Prototypes
6 months ago – Sat, Nov 30, 2019 at 09:30:20 AM

Hi everyone!

Looks like the link to the form we sent out yesterday is broken. We decided to post it here again, because we're thinking about Add-Ons & PayPal, but we need to be sure, that enough people are interested in it.

Please, fill out this form and let us know 🤠

➡️ http://www.bit.ly/Letters_Survey

We are very sorry to bother you with it two days in a row, but we have something nice for you as well! Take a look at two early prototypes of Letters. The first one is actually a test prototype of the game mechanic, made back in 2015. 

You can play “Don’t Read My Diary” here:   ➡️https://sasharb.itch.io/dont-read-my-diary

And here is our first prototype of "Letters - a written adventure" from 2017:   ➡️https://5am-games.itch.io/letters-a-written-adventure-first-prototype

Can you see what changed about the game and what we kept? You might even recognize some familiar faces.

All the best,  

Aleksandra, Martina & Selina

The last day!
6 months ago – Fri, Nov 29, 2019 at 08:57:32 PM

Hey friends! 

Today is the very last day of our Kickstarter. As we're writing this, we have less than 18 hours to go! ⏰ 

First of all, we wanted to thank you again for your absolutely amazing support. I mean, we not only got Letters funded, we also cracked the first stretch goal in only one day! That's unbelievable! 😍 So we WILL put character costumization in the game. Pat yourself on the back. Very well done, everyone! 

We also revealed the second stretch goal: a Nintendo Switch port! 😎
So if that is something you're interested in, share the campaign with your friends and spread the word so we can make it happen.
💚 Let's put Letters on the Switch! 💚

This will probably the last Kickstarter update you'll get from us before the campaign is over. We don't want to spam you after all.
If you want more updates and information, please head on over to our social media channels. We will be posting the whole day, until the campaign is over! 😁

No matter if we reach the stretch goal or not, we are super happy with how the Kickstarter went. You all blew our minds with your support! Thank you sooo sooo much! 🧡💛💚💙💜

And please don't hesitate to contact us should you have any questions, comments or concerns.
You can either do that on here or our social media.

To all our Swiss backers: Two of team Letters will be at HeroFest today. So please say hi if you see us. We would love to meet you!

Also, try our little personality quiz!
There you can find out which Letters NPC you are.

We love you all, let's make this last day count!
All the best,
Aleksandra, Martina & Selina

Add-on and PayPal survey
6 months ago – Fri, Nov 29, 2019 at 08:56:47 PM

Hi everyone! 

We hope you had a great weekend, we definitely did :-) We still can't believe you got us 121% funded! You're the best community one little game studio could wish for <3

We keep getting questions about the possibility to add enamel pins, t-shirts or stickers to the pledges. Also some of the people interested in our game can't use Kickstarter's payment methods and are asking about a PayPal option.

There are a couple of companies who could help us to manage these Add-Ons and PayPal support even after our Kickstarter campaign is over. We though that we would ask you - our lovely backers - first and then decide if this make sense for us or not.

Please, fill out this form and tell us what you think: 


All the best,
Aleksandra, Martina & Selina